Pastoral Messages

Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you! Greetings from Baltimore on behalf of Archbishop John and the Holy Catholic Church. Today is the day and now the hour to forsake our false starts, reconsider our failures and be encouraged in doing the right.

The prophet Ezekiel says that regardless of our past wickedness, when we turn to the Lord we are forgiven and we shall live. The psalmist asks God to overlook the sins of youth, and finds compassion. St Paul advises us to put on humility and think of others before ourselves. And Jesus teaches us that even when our first response is “NO” that we can change for the good and do what is right and find ourselves in the company of those sinners reconciled to God and enter the Heavenly Kingdom. This truly is Good News!.

We live in a complex world and the path to righteousness and peace may be easily obscured by rumor and propaganda and willful deceit. But be encouraged brothers and sisters. God is with us and ready and eager to act with love and power and mercy in and through us. Set your intention on the good, but make your own the mind of Christ. With humility we acknowledge that even the best intentions do not always produce what is right and good. And sometimes with good intentions we may even make matters worse, but because of the goodness and mercy of God, we can always think better, try harder, and begin again. Because of the power and the glory of God, sometimes even when our intentions are not so good, more selfish or even sinful, God can still achieve victory in spite of our flaws and character defects and disobedience, even produce unexpected and undeserved blessings. God can weave all our lives, all our choices good and bad, into the great miracle of salvation in Christ Jesus.

“All things work unto good for those who love God!” So, we reaffirm our love for God. We love you Father, we love you Jesus, we love you Holy Spirit, we love your people and we repent early and often ​for our lack of humility and chose to surrender in Christ and find victory.

The Holy Catholic Church Territorial Prelature of the Philippines Pro-Cathedral Chapel of Our Mother of perpetual Help Saint Michael the Archangel Hermitage House,Tunga-tunga Road,Purok 5,Masaplod Dauin, Negros Oriental,6217 Philippines.

Pastoral letter for the Seasons of Advent In the Name of the One, Holy and undivided Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Greetings of peace be with you all, in this Solemn Day that the whole Church will enter into the Seasons of Advent. Despite the global physical crisis we are experiencing today, the Corona Virus or Covid 19, it is still not an obstacle for us to commemorate and remember the day when the appointed Messiah, came to earth and took human form to feed us. He is called "Emmanuel" or the God who is with us. Man today is full of fear and anxiety, loss of trust in God and the prevailing is the skepticism due to the Crisis we are experiencing now. But there are three aspects that we must look at in his coming and birth ... We have entered the time of Advent. The word Advent comes from the Latin word "adventus" which means "coming." We remember at this time the three coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first is His coming into the world of men through His birth in Bethlehem. This is the mystery of the Incarnation or Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. He lived and became one with us in this world. Despite His divinity, He accepted Him to be a real person just like us - to have a physical body and human feelings.

The second coming is the sacramental coming. He comes and comes by signs: the bread and wine at mass; priests and bishops in the sacraments and through our fellow man, for He said: "Whatever you do to My brethren you do to Me." The third coming is His return at the end of time. Because we look forward to His return to us at the last day called Parousia. In that great day, He will come in the greatest glory and we will see firsthand all the fulfillment of His reign that He brought to this earth when He first became man. Hopefully, brothers and sisters, on these three grounds we can reflect on our Christian life in the midst of the Pandemic. It proves to us that God always dwells in us when we dwell in him. Even though we are suffering now, it is still not an obstacle for us to reach out to our countrymen who are suffering now due to the pandemic and typhoon and floods that have passed. Let us not forget the spirit of Advent and Christmas and the coming of Jesus as Emmanuel ... The spirit of forgiveness and the spirit of forgiveness .. It is better to give than we are the ones who always receive. At a time when the world is facing a test, especially we should cling to Emmanuel's prayer and mercy .... Come with Jesus..Come..Come Jesus..Come.

“Let us then make it our Aim to work for peace and strengthen one another”..Rom 14:19
Always be faithful to Him,

"Right Rev Rosendo T. Sillero,OCR,FHT,Dip.Lit,B.Th Bishop Prelate"

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