Lenten message -2022

Lenten Message -2022

Greetings my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus. As I was doing my morning prayers here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this beautiful morning and looking at the glorious light coming from the east by mind wanders a bit to our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine. As I hear a loud motorcycle bang away, I think of them shuttering in fear from bombs blasting their home to pieces. As I look at my room with a roof providing me with safety and a place to sleep, I weep for those children who have no place to rest their heads.

For them the brightness of another day is not bringing renewed hope but rather the stark reality of another day filled fear wondering if they will find food and shelter today. The Ukrainian troops and citizens are fighting for their freedom and democracy willing stepping forward to die for their freedom. I wonder if we Americans will do the same for our own democracy which is being destroyed from within.

Perhaps through the suffering of our fellow citizens in the Ukraine we can relight the American touch of freedom and democracy for all our people not just the majority. As we witness the growing compassion and love the people of the Ukraine have for their people and country, we too might find it in ourselves.

We implore you to give of your prayers and resources for the people of the Ukraine. If you would like to donate for the Ukraine with the Holy Catholic Church, you can donate us- Donate Now!

We must all remember all we need to say is “Jesus, I trust you.” May God bless you all and be safe and stay well.

Pax et bonum

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